My problem: How do I get companies to pay me a lot to do a presentation?

My Story: I met a guy at a house party. He’s getting business but not me.

There comes a moment when you realize you need to step up your game

It has nothing to do with your product

  • It’s about EXPOSURE
  • I built a sales process but it wasn’t too effective…I couldn’t charge high fees

My problem: Why do they pay one guy high fees versus another guy?

It’s all about IMAGE

Value is based on what surrounds an item, not what the actual item is

  • Art piece in a museum surrounded by glass & alarms = high value
  • The more someone charges, the more it’s about them, not what they do

My Story: Got video footage from restaurant magic

I focused on IMAGE

  • Video testimonials
    • Focus on the EMOTIONS – ‘this is the reaction you’ll get when hiring me’
  • Bigger crowd pictures/videos
    • Venue determines value (restaurant vs white house)
    • I persuaded an company to have it in a banquet room instead of restaurant
  • Website – does it look good?
    • Contact page: ‘for media inquiries, contact….’
    • ‘For availability’ vs ‘If you want to hire Benji’
  • Didn’t focus on social media ‘likes’

WARNING: don’t get caught up in IMAGE to a point where you’re not SELLING

Then I built a sales process

  • Started with cold calling & switched to email
  • People responded in similar ways = Created templates
  • Schedule my days to contact people
  • Hotel crash on some days

When I was at an event:

  • Recorded testimonials & asked if they ‘would hire Benji’ for their event
  • Asked the meeting planner to record testimonials
  • Got business cards and followed up

While doing this I SAVED MONEY

  • Wasn’t desperate for a gig = I can ask for more & not care if I lose it

Over time, I started getting higher paying gigs

You make a name for yourself by:

  • Building a personal brand
  • Building a sales process around that brand